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I have been showing and breeding purebred dogs for approximately 30 years.  Our children were first raised with beautiful Golden Retrievers, LynRose Goldens, and in 1987, my daughter, who was a Junior Handler, introduced me to Shelties.  When I laid eyes on the Breed, I was a "goner"!!, and LYNROSE SHELTIES (Reg.) was born.  Our first Sheltie was Scott Wynd's Becky Rose, our "Becky" (1987-2000), a beautiful little blue Sheltie, who stole my heart.  She was my first experience in showing Shelties, and she won many ribbons as a puppy, but she was little, and, at the time, not as competitive as others out there.  My daughter won a Best Junior and other Junior's competitions with her, and she was a wonderful Junior Handler show girl to my daughter, my niece, and some of my grandchildren.  She loved to show for them.  She gave us some wonderful puppies, and was our "best friend".  She is truly missed.
As the years went on, with some wonderful mentoring, we have been blessed with other beautiful Shelties, and continue to love and enjoy them.  Each one is "special".
Throughout this web site, you will see some of our beautiful Shelties, our Champion, our puppies, our beloved ones that are waiting for us over the "Rainbow Bridge", and our "up and comings".
I breed maybe a litter a year, maybe two, and I will announce our puppies when they are available.

 I have been a member of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association (ASSA) since April of 1994"


 So come on in, put up your feet and stay a while, and we hope you enjoy your visit.


My son John, Jr., his wife, Joanne, and my three grandchildren, Katelyn, Elaine, and  LJ., and of course, Rocky!     




                   Jeny-Lynn Helm and LynRose Shelties.


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